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Fabric Clearance

3 lb variety pak $10  of Remnance SCRAPS faux Fur:  various short pile fur scraps.  A 3 pound pak of scraps will consist of various prints of possibly leopard, zebra, cow print, colorored animal prints, giraffe print, tiger, cheetah print, solid black, solid brown, solid fuchsia.  Each pack will have a variety but not all of the above.  Some of the scraps within the pak will be a bit larger (20" +) but some of the scraps will be smaller in stips (5"x70"). There will be a variety of pieces, strips, and sizes.  We cannot predict exactly what will be in the scrap pak that you buy.  Unfortuneatly we cannot take special requests on which preferencial prints to put in the scrap pak or what size scraps.  We will make sure that there is a variety of (not all solids or all prints: variety)at least 6 colors OR prints within your scrap paks.  Please note that 1 whole pound of faux fur weighs 1 pound so this mathmatically ='s 3 yards of faux fur.