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Craft Idea fabric bulletin board

Bulletin board covered in your favorite fabric theme

Shown here covered in cow print faux fur, but you can make this out of any fabric print you desire. This is a quick teen craft idea

fauxfuravail.jpg cowprintbulletinboard.jpg

*If you should like our animal print fabrics for this project, please see our FABRIC BY THE YARD  page.


a plain bulletin board with a simple wood frame

enough fabric of choice to cover a bulletin board of your size choice

scissors sharp enough to cut fabric


craft paint (use whatever color you like for frame of bulletin board)

craft paint brush

fabric glue

butter knife to gently push fabric under frame

Simple assembly instructions:

#1 paint frame using craft paint and paint brush tip: paint top and 2 sides first, let dry, the flip over and paint bottom of  frame) let frame dry completely before moving on to the next step.

#2 Cut fabric to approx. 1/4" wider and longer than the cork on the bulletin board.

#3 squeeze fabric glue sparingly all over the cork of the bulletin board, then center and adhere the fabric to the board.

#4 Using your butter knife, gently push the fabric extra under then frame of the bulletin board. Staple around entire perimeter of frame on top of fabric.

#6 YOU'RE DONE!  Hang it up & Enjoy.


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